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Solders Minds are Stolen 11 12 2010

Solders Minds are Stolen 11 12 2010
This morning on PBS, the Public Broadcasting Station, that our fine Republicans want to do away with entirely, there was a program that featured veterans from the War in Iraq.  For those who don’t want to know anymore, PBS is a very educational and informative television network, that is of more benefit to the United States than bowl of alphabet soup filled with all the other channels on your television.
One solder Chris Nibley was featured. He kind of reminded me somewhat of myself and also of another person I know.  Sometimes I see traits of myself and other people in certain people.  I just do this to sharpen my analytical abilities or imagination.
He took a job at a grocery store stocking shelves upon return from service.  He stated that he doesn’t think when he is there just focuses at the shelves at the grocery store.  A nice robot wasn’t he.  He ended up for reasons that we do not know enlisting and de-enlisted or whatever the term is several times before he just left the country for good and moved to Asia where he looked happy,  in the documentary.  Why couldn’t a man who is said to have learned discipline form the army get and keep a job in the United States of America.  The answer is simple.  The memories of solders returned from the war are stolen and serve as fuel for Hollywood movies.  This solder has indeed had his soul stolen.  Who stole it you might ask?  Anyone who could benefit from the skills he had attained up to the time before he went to war.  Anyone who could benefit from making movies from his memories, or selling his soul.  Why was he not able to get and keep a job in the United States the country he fought for?  Because once they steal your soul they do not want you to have it back.  They have it in their otherwise vacant heads and when you think they cannot, it is just that simple.
There were various solders of different personality types featured.  Another, Mark Patterson, became a Republican because he was pro war.  This is the only way he could justify himself and his actions in the war, if he believed in the government policy that sent him there.  He went to see Michael Moore speak about his movie on the war in Iraq only to heckle him.  Michael Moore got to the podium and asked all veterans and those serving in Iraq to identify themselves.  This man stood up and yelled, “We don’t agree with you!” For the first three minutes while Michael Moore applauded those who served in the Iraq War.  “This country can not thank you enough!”  Michael Moore said. While the man was then heard trying to yell over him again as if he was speaking for all serving in Iraq, “We don’t agree with you.” 
Like I said back home from the war he became a banner waving Republican.  Would he have felt different if one of his appendages were shot off?  Would he have felt different if he knew the true reason why we are there?  He would not even listen to someone who applauded him for being there. Does this sound like the minds closed to reason that get us into wars in the first place or “Republicans”  Did the Republicans seek to recruit him faster than the military did?
Later in the story it tells how he read everything he could about the war in Iraq and doesn’t agree with us going there in the first place.  He said that we rushed into it.  This man indeed seemed to change his mind.  Seemingly he began the process of thinking for himself and not believing the propaganda of a political party.
He told how he was happy for almost a year with a girlfriend that he had when he got home from the war. But that she left him.  He went on to admit how he took this nice girl that had all this happiness and sucked it all out of her.
As I looked at him I thought to myself you ought to learn some skills and hobbies.   But then the revelation hit me that they seek to steal these also, and they use nonlethal weapons paid for by the United States Taxpayer to actively deny innocent US Citizens the skills they learned from their loving parents.  So here we have the cause of the war and the sickness of the war all in one contrite sentence about soul stealing.
In my life I have found learning is often a process of plowing through imaginary opposition and when you beat them at this summarily time and time again they use nonlethal weapons on you so that you can’t learn anymore.  This is like the spoiled brat you played checkers with as a kid.  When he didn’t win he threw the board and pieces on the floor so that you didn’t realize that you won.  This is indeed the mindset of a Wiccan.  If everyone guilty of this would admit they did it, the world would be a much better place.  Apocalypse does indeed mean revelation.
As I saw the solder Chris Nibley speak, he indeed made me wonder if some souls are formed via more than two people.  I then wondered about spirit lines.  I asked myself what if there was a stronger spirit line that trumped the souls in conception, sort of like an immaculate conception.  What would it take to create a strong spirit line, it would have to be a race or two that inbred and kept the secrets of the wiccans.  This strong spirit line could then trump the souls of conception of those of parents, who they might arrogantly consider mixed breeds.
There was another young man in the documentary; we’ll call him Smith because I cannot remember his name.  After he got back he said how his skills used to be in the band, choir and chess.  He murdered his girlfriend and went to prison.  Why didn’t he reconnect with the skills he had before the war.  Because his soul was stolen.
The documentary went on to say, one third of veterans have mental health problems, and fifteen percent are unemployed.  So here again we see the hidden agenda of the soul stealers in action.  They are the proponents of war because they need to steal the souls to fill their own vacant minds with.  They are indeed playing God with the rest of humanity.   If you want to know what the soul stealers were like when they were young the best description that I can think of is, “A hollow head full of buzzing flies.”
    Another veteran Matt Jammett stated how watching him on a date is like watching an animal die slowly from a gut shot wound.
And incidentally it is the proud leader of the Republican Party who sought to withhold funding to the Public Broadcasting Station, as well as other “cuts” they would like to make.  How long will it be before they actually start to physically cut into our skulls?  Actually they have done that in more ways than one, in reality.  This is not the country of the founding fathers.
The title of the documentary was “Reserve to Fight.”
When you go to bed at night say this prayer, “Lord return the skills that were stolen from me.  My soul belongs to me.” 
But don’t pray this last part, “not a diablero.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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